Why the Blog

Choosing to blog has been a difficult decision for us (doesn't everyone say that?).  But truthfully it has.  We are not bloggers, facebookers, or tweeters.  I can't imagine myself ever having anything "on my mind" that every person I know needs to know right then.  The pressure to be witty and take up a spot in someone's news feed has never appealed to me.  I just don't feel I have that much to say.  Not that I don't read other people's facebooks and blogs and am inspired by them at times, but it has always seemed like the blog world is one where everyone is talking and no one is listening.  I didn't want to be one more person telling one more story. 

So...why the blog? 

The answer is simple.  This isn't our story.  This is a story that God is writing.  This is the story of a beautiful, tender-hearted child across the world who has no one.  A child who God wants to bring from darkness into light.  A story of a child (and millions more) who need their story told.  So we will tell it.

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